Plus Hooijschuur (NL)

Exclusive: Smeva delivers two! revolutionary Arrondi refrigerated display cabinets to Plus Hooijschuur in Texel. This milestone marks a significant advancement in the retail sector in the Netherlands and underscores the ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability within the industry.

Arrondi, Smeva's latest self-service cabinet, features advanced and energy-efficient cooling technology and is designed to provide supermarkets, gas stations, and fresh food stores with an environmentally friendly way to showcase their chilled products. With its modern and attractive glass design, the Arrondi not only offers optimal functionality but also enhances the visual appeal of the products, thereby enhancing the customer experience.

Plus Hooijschuur, a well-known and respected name in the Texel community, was delighted to be the first in the Netherlands to receive the Arrondi refrigerated display cabinet. Erwin Goënga, owner of the family business Plus Hooijschuur, stated that the choice for the Arrondi was based on its unique ability to showcase local products. "The sale of local Texel products is really important to us. We wanted these products to be presented optimally in the store. That's why we chose the Arrondi. In regular refrigeration units, we felt that the products didn't come into their own. And besides, Smeva is simply an excellent company."

"We have never received as many customer responses to a promotion or refrigeration unit as we have with the Arrondi," said Erwin Goënga. "As a local supermarket, it's important for us to invest in innovative solutions that not only meet the needs of our customers but also contribute to a more sustainable future. With the Arrondi, we have acquired a modern and energy-efficient refrigeration solution that allows us to present our local fresh products in the best possible way. It's a win-win situation. It has exceeded all expectations, to the point that we are even considering adding a third Arrondi!"

"We are thrilled that Plus Hooijschuur has chosen our Arrondi refrigerated display cases," said Henk Dibbets, Managing Director of Smeva. "Sustainability in the retail sector is a key pillar for us, and we are committed to transforming the industry through our dedication to sustainability, innovation, and circularity."

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