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Below you will find some of our recent reference projects.


Dutch Design Week

Arrondi by Smeva has received GIO TOP 100 recognition. One of the 100 best products designed in the Netherlands in 2023. What a compliment!

Veritas (ES)

Successful delivery of Arrondi to Spanish organic supermarket Veritas. The Arrondi enables Veritas to present fresh organic products in an appealing manner, while the optimal cooling technology ensures the preservation of quality and energy saving.

Plus Hooijschuur (NL)

Exclusive: Smeva delivers two! revolutionary Arrondi refrigerated display cabinets to Plus Hooijschuur in Texel. This milestone marks a significant advancement in the retail sector in the Netherlands and underscores the ongoing commitment to

Dirk van den Broek Papendrecht (NL)

Smeva provides tailor-made cooling solutions to Dirk van den Broek in Papendrecht (NL).

Haan Minerale Oliën (NL)

Smeva has been an expert in Petrol refrigeration technology for many years. Ralph van Zuijlen says, "As Project Manager Operations at Haan Mineral Oils BV, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Smeva for many years. Their commitment to

La Semolina (NL)

La Semolina, a typical Italian deli located in Eindhoven, has been choosing the service of Smeva for 40 years. The Vision MKll refrigerated counter, which is the heart of the store, helps to keep products fresh and at the ideal temperature for a

Cash Italia (BE)

From factory to Italian food market. Smeva Vision MKII counter coming to life. Supplemented with a Market semi-vertical. Credits to VMA.

Proxy Delhaize Fléron (BE)

Re-opening of Proxy Delhaize Fléron. We as Smeva together with VMA were honoured to supply all self-service counters as well as a fresh fish counter! All on natural refrigerant Glycol.

AD Delhaize Dolhain (BE)

Smeva supplied AD Delhaize Dolhain with a Vision MKll refrigerated counter with panoramic glass construction for optimum visibility of the meat products. The meat counter is also completely sustainable and very energy-efficient, because it is cooled
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