Sinds 1920

Pioneers in refrigeration technology

As a producer and service partner, Royal Smeva has been ‘dedicated to freshness’ for over 100 years. Smeva was founded in 1920 and has become a leading innovator in refrigeration-technology solutions.

Refrigeration technology at the highest level

Smeva designs and produces high-quality refrigerated display counters, display cabinets, cold rooms and freezer rooms for various types of customers on the domestic and foreign market. Behind every refrigerated cabinet you will find the perfect refrigeration technology.

Always the best refrigeration technology solution

Our markets


The best brand of Refrigerated display counters and cold rooms for butchers.


Refrigerated display cabinets for attractive presentation of fresh produce.


Unique Refrigerated display cabinets for fishmongers.
The specialist in refrigeration technology

Expert installation

We aim to take all the weight off your shoulders. You can therefore count on certified Smeva dealers for professional installation of refrigerated cabinets to your current refrigerated installation. Of course, with broad experience of natural refrigerants.

Carefree refrigeration and freezing

Service after sales

Our efforts do not stop once a refrigerated cabinet has been delivered. Do you need a spare part or are you experiencing problems? The Smeva Service After Sales is there to help! All cabinet components are in stock, so we can help you quickly and efficiently.

Healthy and fresh for everyone

Innovation & sustainability

Thanks to the optimum refrigeration performance of its cabinets, Smeva ensures that fresh food is stored better with a longer shelf life, thus contributing to the reduction of food waste. Smeva therefore never stops optimising its refrigeration apparatus, as it has been doing so for 100 years.

Temperature-stable and durable

Extending the life cycle, that is Smeva’s sustainable ambition. We make sure that our products keep on working! Smeva cooling and freezing solutions are practically indestructible and very durable, provided they are well maintained. In this way we aim indirectly for long-lasting relationships with our customers, dealers and partners.

Total Life-Cycle Management

Smeva has complete control over the lifecycle of its cooling and freezing solutions. As a manufacturer we design and produce our own refrigerated cabinets, with the help of local suppliers. Our products also operate as much as possible on eco-friendly natural refrigerants, such as propane, glycol and CO2.  We don’t stop there. We are also able to refurbish outdated cabinets and take our responsibility to recover old refrigerated cabinets, cold rooms and freezer rooms.