Revenue-raising fresh presentation

Inspiring display cabinets for your supermarket

Smeva cabinets seduce shoppers with beautifully-presented fresh produce. Our engineers will give your serve-over and self-service units exactly the right appearance to suit the look & feel of your supermarket and concept. The right cabinet combined with the right content will turn your fresh department into a generator of turnover.

Realize 20% more turnover with our fresh concepts

Passion for fresh produce

As an international cooling expert with over 100 years of expertise, we believe that we know the market ‘inside out’. We can therefore develop refreshing new innovations offering the very best freshness experience and inspiring our (potential) customers. Sustainable, energy efficient and a guaranteed temperature stability with a low ‘total cost of ownership’. That’s what we stand for. Now and in the future!

For the most beautiful fresh produce departments

Range of supermarket chiller cabinets

Here is a summary of our refrigerated display counters, display units, display cabinets and semi-verticals for supermarkets. Are you looking for assistance or a specific cooling solution? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

Vision MKll

Thanks to this award-winning butcher’s serve over your customers will be tempted to buy even more.

  • Modular assembly

  • Infinite customisation opportunities

  • Extremely low energy consumption

  • Achieve the lowest measured dehydration of only 0.55% in 24 hours (TÜV and TNO certified)

  • Extend your economic shopping time and save 1 hour of cleaning per day

Suitable for:


Complete linear of refrigerated semi verticals, to suit any store design.

  • 180 variants available

  • Modern appearance

  • Encourages impulse purchases

  • Flexible deployment

Suitable for:


Create a real freshness experience? It’s possible with the Fresh2Go refrigerated counter with integrated chiller display cabinet.

  • Better chance of sale of freshly prepared ready meals

  • Attractive presentation of sandwiches, home-made salads or sushi

  • Better connection with shoppers

  • 2-in-1 unit: refrigerated service display case with an integrated self-service storage area

Suitable for:


Create your own fresh market street look and feel thanks to this open-style semi-vertical display case.

  • Slender legs for an open shopfloor

  • Can also be supplied for the end of aisle with several shelves

  • Ready meals, soup and salads are chilled perfectly

  • Extensive design options

  • Can be supplied as plug-in (optional)

Suitable for:


Display case for premium presentation of your selection of fish and seafood on ice.

  • Display platform with an inclination of 16 ̊

  • Coldplate cooling technology: static cooling, with no ventilation

  • Slush system; defrost and easy to clean

  • Hygienic, no seams and with integrated drain

  • Available as a serve-over unit and self-service unit

Suitable for:

Cold and freezer rooms

Smeva cold and freezer rooms are of top quality and designed for intensive daily use.

  • Affordable

  • Custom-made in any configuration desired

  • Available in various types of material and colour

  • Cold room is quickly level without needing to flatten the floor

  • Doors close perfectly by themselves

Suitable for:

Refrigerated workbench

Optimise the use of your precious shop area with this refrigerated workbench;

  • Available in 2 heights

  • Plenty of storage space

  • Practical compartments

Suitable for:

Flexible set up

Modular basis

Smeva is a specialist in the production of serve-over and self-service units for supermarkets. The basic units are modular and have standard components which are very easily adapted and extended. This allows tremendous flexibility.

Healthy and fresh for everyone

Innovation & sustainability

Thanks to the optimum refrigeration performance of its cabinets, Smeva ensures that fresh food is stored better with a longer shelf life, thus contributing to the reduction of food waste. Smeva therefore never stops optimising its refrigeration apparatus, as it has been doing so for 100 years.

Temperature-stable and durable

Extending the life cycle, that is Smeva’s sustainable ambition. We make sure that our products keep on working! Smeva cooling and freezing solutions are practically indestructible and very durable, provided they are well maintained. In this way we aim indirectly for long-lasting relationships with our customers, dealers and partners.

Total Life-Cycle Management

Smeva has complete control over the lifecycle of its cooling and freezing solutions. As a manufacturer we design and produce our own refrigerated cabinets, with the help of local suppliers. Our products also operate as much as possible on eco-friendly natural refrigerants, such as propane, glycol and CO2.  We don’t stop there. We are also able to refurbish outdated cabinets and take our responsibility to recover old refrigerated cabinets, cold rooms and freezer rooms.

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