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Smeva 100 year anniversary

Smeva has reached a beautiful milestone, our 100-year anniversary. For a century Smeva has been dedicated to freshness. We develop and produce high-quality refrigerated display cases and coldrooms for various supermarkets and butchers across the world. The storage and presentation of fresh food is the starting point for the production of every piece of furniture that leaves the factory. The storage conditions are always optimal in the display cases and counters, which are designed to last.


Unique presentation of fish & seafood. This unique display counter, with an inclination of 16°, enables an eye-catching presentation of fish. In addition, the Miatech humidification system ensures an extra shiny appearance. In short, a unique and true eye-catcher for your business.


This unique mealprep self-service counter creates a true fresh experience. Store clerks prepare fresh meals on-the-spot using the ingredients from the refrigerated display counter. Plus, the large presentation section ensures that pre-packed items can be picked up directly and quickly. Of course, they were freshly packaged as well. In short: Fresh2Go!


This raised semi-vertical display case makes your delicacies stand out optimally, increasing the impulse purchases. Freshly prepared and packaged meals are at eye level and can be taken immediately. Deli2Go so! An additional feature is that the shelves are adjustable for a dynamic presentation.


Create your own fresh market with this very spacious display case. Pre-packaged refrigerated products are presented with the appearance of a market square. With its open design, the products can be seen at a glance and lie at a convenient height. Besides a remote version, the Market is available in a plug-in version which is perfectly suitable as a promo display.

Vision MKII

Fresh experience, that is what it’s all about! This begins with a product that looks fresh: not dried out, with an attractive colour and tasteful presentation. That is the secret to how the Vision MK II invites your customers to purchase more. Unmistakably fresh products, minimal obstructions to the customers’ view and endless possibilities for personalization of your display case guarantee growth of turnover.


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