Extending the life cycle


Extending the life cycle, that is Smeva’s sustainable ambition. We make sure that our products keep on working! Smeva cooling and freezing solutions are practically indestructible and very durable, provided they are well maintained. Due to high quality products and robust design we can assure our products are long lasting and in cases been used for over 30 years.

Natural refrigerants

Natural refrigerants have a very low global warming potential and therefore limit the effect on global warming compared to the synthetic refrigerants. Natural refrigerants are efficient in operation of refrigeration systems and are inexpensive to produce. Also maybe even more important is that there are no future limitations on the use of these refrigerants, long term availability is assured. Smeva is standardized on natural refrigerants, for remote counters this is CO2/R744 and for plug-in counters this is Propaene/R433a (or Propane/R290).


The Ecodesign Regulation applies to all commercial refrigeration equipment used for displaying and retailing fresh and frozen food products. Energy efficiency for all products introduced after 1st March of 2021 can be compared according the EEI efficiency index. The EEI efficiency index is determined according ISO 23953-2:2015 for Refrigerated display cabinets, which is applicable for Smeva regarding our display cabinets.

Applicable regulation

  • Ecodesign (2019/2024)

  • Energy Labelling (2019/2018)

Ecodesign EEI energy efficiency limits:

1 March 2021: EEI ≤ 100

1 September 2023: EEI ≤ 80

Energy labelling

Energy labels are defined as follows and contain minimum amount of data to clarify energy efficiency at one glance:

Product life cycle

As well as energy efficiency, also product life cycle management is included in Ecodesign. Availability of spare parts is an important item. As mentioned Smeva has a very long history and is able to deliver spare parts for their products for much longer than the obligated terms and has done this before, long before Ecodesign was applicable. In order to promote reparability, and therefore to increase the lifespan of appliances, several ecodesign measures aim at facilitating products repair by ensuring the availability of spare parts. Availability of spare parts until 8 years after the last unit is put in operation with list available on website of the manufacturer.

Delivery time of specific critical “electrical” spare parts in maximum 15 working days. Access to repair and maintenance information on the manufacturer website starting maximum 2 years after the first unit being put in operation. Requirements for dismantling for material recovery and recycling while avoiding pollution (equipment design according to WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

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