Dedicated to freshness

Smeva: pioneers in refrigeration technology

We ensure that food remains fresh, allowing everybody to enjoy a healthier and happier life.  Looking for cooling and freezing solutions that meet the highest standards? Smeva is here for you! For 100 years, Smeva has been offering durable cooling and freezer solutions that provide optimum performance 24/7. Whether it’ s a Smeva refrigerated display cabinet or cold room, you are guaranteed refrigeration systems that offer reliability and a secure temperature for the lowest total cost. Without concessions and produced in our very own factory, with a passion for fresh produce.

Always a cooling solution to suit you

Smeva allows your store concept to shine, whether it’s with modular supermarket self-service units, refrigerated displays or luxury custom-made serve-over display counters for a butcher. A Smeva refrigerated display counter keeps fresh food really fresh and makes it last longer. Naturally designed with attractive presentation in mind and to increase the chance of selling your products. Our refrigerated display cabinets contribute to your profits and a sustainable society. A Smeva cold room and freezer room are also essential components in optimising your catering technology. You will never fail to enjoy ingenious design and enormous convenience.

Active worldwide in refrigeration technology

Smeva, founded in 1920, partners Geerlofs within the international leading Smeva group. Together they employ a total of 300 employees and provide innovative refrigeration technology solutions worldwide for the entire fresh chain. Smeva supplies supermarkets, fishmongers, butchers, care institutions, petrol stations, and the hotel, restaurant and catering industry. Smeva provides the optimum storage conditions, best refrigeration technology and a top-quality service.

Head office Smeva Valkenswaard

Smeva’s head office is based at Valkenswaard (NL). Our R&D and production departments, showroom, and installation and service activities are also located here. A complete overview of all Smeva refrigeration systems is on display in our showroom. Whether it’s refrigerated wall units or display counters, coldrooms or freezer rooms, display counters for butchers or counters for supermarkets. In our showroom we will be delighted to demonstrate all the options for you.

Family business

Collaboration, trust and ambition are the foundation of our company culture at Smeva. This includes pleasant partnerships and a positive long-term philosophy. Together we aim for the highest possible quality of our end result, along with maximum profit. This is achieved with passionate and professional expertise.

We supply refrigerated cabinets everywhere with the best refrigeration technology and high-quality service

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