In conversation with... Ralph van Zuijlen (Project Manager Operations)

Haan Minerale Oliën (NL)

Smeva has been an expert in Petrol refrigeration technology for many years. Ralph van Zuijlen says, "As Project Manager Operations at Haan Mineral Oils BV, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Smeva for many years. Their commitment to providing end-to-end customized solutions has truly set them apart in the industry."

Smeva is responsible for the installation of the entire refrigeration system and the supply of all refrigerated cabinets for our gas stations and associated convenience stores. Upon receiving the design, Smeva develops a refrigeration plan. According to Ralph, they excel in this area: "Smeva's vast refrigeration knowledge and extensive experience have proven to be invaluable to us. They consistently offer innovative solutions and demonstrate reliability in terms of delivery times."

Smeva's vast refrigeration knowledge and extensive experience are invaluable to us. They consistently offer innovative solutions and demonstrate reliability in terms of delivery times." According to Ralph, communication is incredibly important in this process, and interaction is necessary to ensure that projects are delivered successfully and within the schedule. "When we present something to Smeva, whether it's a problem or a need for advice, it is handled by someone with a lot of experience and expertise in refrigeration. This results in a well-founded advice that we then proceed with." Ralph also emphasizes the importance of keeping commitments because he operates on a tight schedule. "Smeva is really excellent in this regard, constantly showing their ability to think in terms of solutions and being reliable in terms of delivery time."

Ralph is also highly satisfied with the quality of the refrigerated cabinets, as well as the service and installation. "The refrigerated cabinets are very user-friendly and require minimal maintenance."

All of this makes Smeva the perfect partner for Haan Mineral Oils BV. Ralph explains that Smeva stands out in completely taking care of everything from A to Z. "From the moment a new request is made, they deliver: clear quotations, effective communication regarding installation drawings and delivery times, and in the final stage, a skilled team that delivers the refrigerated cabinets. They are the ideal collaborative partner for us, capable of effectively translating the high demand for projects into actually delivering and installing the refrigerated cabinets as agreed."

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