• Optimal performance

    Smeva refrigeration solutions have an elegant design. The back wall presentation entices customers from a distance. The serve-over counter stimulates them to buy... and buy more. Every shop and shop concept is different. Are you seeking for a concrete look? Or perhaps a warm appearance? Smeva would be happy to help you develop your shop concept. Our designers create the right layout, perfect lighting, most practical walking route and optimal lines of sight. In short: the right look and feel to match your interior.

  • Ease of use

    Smeva products are made for intensive daily use. Advanced technology goes hand-in-hand with user-friendliness. The display appliances and walk-in refrigerators are designed with ergonomics in mind. This makes daily use and maintenance both quick and easy. 

  • Lasting fresh quality

    Whether it concerns vegetables, fruit, meat or fish, you want to present your fresh foods as attractively as possible without loss of quality. That is why Smeva refrigerated retail display appliances are built with the latest technologies. A unique humidification system, for instance, that prevents your products from drying out. This allows us to ensure optimal fresh quality and guarantee a longer shelf life of your products. Smeva, dedicated to freshness.

  • Lowest running costs

    Smeva refrigeration solutions are durable and very maintenance-friendly. With proper maintenance they last for decades. They are also designed with an eye towards saving energy and protecting the environment. This includes insulating our refrigerators with a special type of ployurethane foam made with an acidic blowing agent and the reuse of 82% of our waste. Via the Smeva Refresh programme many refrigerated retail display appliances and walk-in freezers even get a second life. For you, this all adds up to the lowest, predictable operating and maintenance costs.