Smeva Topline

Thanks to many years of experience and a great deal of professional know-how, Smeva has gained a leading position in the area of refrigerated units, wall refrigerators and freezer systems. By investing continuously in research and development, we achieve an increasingly high level with our innovations. Smeva Topline products are the result of this.

Vision Mark II

Smeva proudly presents the new Vision Mark II serve over. Following a four-year development programme for the Vision Mark II, Smeva has left all competitors behind in the areas of energy efficiency, ergonomics, hygiene and lowest dehydration of fresh products.


With Smeva’s Vision, all sorts of fresh products like meat, deli,cheese and fish,can be displayed under the best possible conditions. Smeva’s EuroSafe refrigeration system guarantees ideal product temperatures combined with extremely low dehydration levels.


An innovative concept for aesthetically appealing display of fish combined with excellent refrigeration properties. Smeva’s EuroSafe refrigeration system guarantees optimal products temperatures combined with extremely low crushed ice usage – savings of up to 95%!


A back-wall display designed to tempt your customers from a distance. An traditional appearance can be extremely important for your products. The Smeva’s Performer gives your products just the right attention that they demand and the temperature that they need.

Refrigerated Buffet

Smeva can help you display and store as much refrigerated products a possible across a small floor area. Using a refrigerated buffet adds an traditional appearance to your specialty store or department.


The Fjorda is a comprehensive self-service refrigerated display case range available with a wide range of options.


With Smeva’s Market, you can display your refrigerated products as you would on the market square. Our engineers have developed a very spacious unit that is particularly appealing and refrigerates perfectly.


Requirements for processing products subject to decay are becoming increasingly stringent in terms of both refrigeration technology and HACCP standards. We take these factors explicitly into account when engineering and manufacturing our products.