Smeva test chambers – unique in the Netherlands

Saving energy is a hot topic. At Smeva we have everything in-house to test our display cases according to international standards in our test chambers, which comply with the worldwide standard for refrigerated display cabinets, ISO 23953

Simulation of shop conditions

Our test chambers are conditioned to simulate any desired situation:

–       Temperature
–       Air humidity
–       Air speed
–       Light intensity

With these factors Smeva can determine the exact specifications required for the product.

 Karel Evers, senior R&D engineer at Smeva, says, ‘Smeva is at work non-stop,
​ behind the scenes, ensuring that our customers have a bright future. It is unique that
​ we have two state-of-the-art test chambers in the Netherlands, where our qualified
​ team assesses and tests the appliances according to international standards. From a
standard product to solutions with specific product requirements or customer wishes.’

Energy performance documented

We test the temperature, cooling and energy performance of our products, and we inform our customers of the results via a test report. Our 24-hour testing simulates all possible applications. There are 48 measuring points in each test chamber, and we record the values every 20 seconds.

Testing with various refrigerants

There are three frequency-controlled refrigeration compressors in the technical room, in which all available refrigerants can be tested. This includes both synthetic and natural refrigerants. There is also a pump system with which we test glycol and other coolants in the refrigerated display cabinet.

Scoring below limit values

In a number of countries, limit values must be met with regard to cooling performance and energy consumption prior to market authorisation. We can demonstrate that we remain below those values. At the European level, limit values for refrigerated display cabinets are being developed under the ecodesign and energy labelling directives.