Designed to be Used
Smeva’s solutions have been designed from the ground up for intensive daily usage. In practice, cold rooms have only two small vulnerabilities – their corners and their hardware accessories. This is why we pay extra attention to these two components.

  • External corners are impact-resistant and are made from one single piece.
  • Heavy-duty hardware accessories are virtually indestructible.
  • We use double press folded steel plates for additional robustness.
  • The construction of roof panels and their connection to side walls have been designed specifically with stability in mind.

Smeva stands for uncompromising quality and durability.

Patented floor-levelling Construction

You will experience the benefit of a Smeva even before you start using it. Our unique patented adjustable feet allow units to be levelled quickly and easily. Floors do not need to be levelled, saving both time and money during installation.

Fully Designed for the User

We can supply standard cold rooms with a wide range of doors and glazing at any required position. We also provide countless other ingenious add-ons such as retractable transport platforms and automatic door closers – typically Smeva!

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

You can rest assured that we have gone to the greatest lengths to design sustainable and energy-efficient products, e.g. we use acid-blown polyurethane foam to insulate our cold-storage rooms.

This type of foam has a low GWP value (Global-Warming Potential) of less than 0.1 and zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential). The panels that we use also have relatively high insulating properties and we use Class A refrigeration accessories.

Please refer to the section on cold- and freezer storage rooms. All the strengths listed here also apply to our cold rooms.

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