Serve-Over Display Fridges

Served Hand and Foot by Smeva
Smeva's serve-over units are practical, low-maintenance and energy-efficient – helping you to save money. They also give your products added appeal and give your business a serious sales boost.

The money-making serve-over unit. With Smeva's Vision, all sorts of fresh products can be displayed under the best possible conditions. >

Always the appearance of fresh daily fish. An innovative concept for aesthetically appealing display of fish combined with excellent refrigeration properties. >

A back-wall display, designed to entice your customers from a distance. Smeva's Performer gives your products just the right attention that they demand and the temperature that they need. >

Refrigerated Buffet
Smart and attractive refrigeration. With its refrigerated buffets, Smeva can help you display and store as much refrigerated products as possible across as small a floor area as possible. Many times a refrigerated buffet is installed in combination with a serve over display fridge.  >