Upgrade Rewe Supermarket!

In January 2015, Smeva supplied a 20 meter serve over counter including an integrated hot section and self service section at Rewe Motyl in Essen. The project consisted of renovating the fresh food department in this store. The fresh food department closed on Sunday and opened again on Thursday morning, making it a very tight schedule.

The owner of this Rewe market chose Smeva because of the support free square glass structure in our Vision Panorama counter combined with the benefits such as:

Easy to clean counter.
Use of night covers, products stay in the counter during the night.
Very low dehydration (0,73 %) using the Smeva humidification system which keeps the products fresh longer.
Complete open presentation because of the glass structure.
Low energy consumption.
The counter was designed specifically to the wishes and ideas of Rewe making it a perfect fit into the design of the store.Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about this project, products and / or possibilities.