Smeva Vision Mark II wins NVKL Koeltrofee 2018

The NVKL Koeltrofee is a token of appreciation from the NVKL for a successful innovation in the field of refrigeration technology and/or climate control.Smeva won this Koeltrofee with one of our unique innovations, the Vision Mark II serve-over display case.

The Vision Mark II has a unique hygienic and ergonomic design, in combination with improved cooling performance with a high evaporation temperature. The technology consists of a ‘static’ light forced-air refrigeration system, which is connected via a plate-fin heat exchanger under the work surface on the serving side to a refrigeration coil beneath the stainless steel presentation plateau. This results in optimum distribution of the cooled air over the products and minimal mixing with the warmer ambient air.

Thanks in part to a TÜV-certified dehydration rate of just 0.55% in 24 hours, the Vision Mark II offers the lowest measured dehydration of fresh products of any serve-over display case. The evaporator and cold plate function optimally, allowing the display case to run at a suction-side temperature of -6 °C. Together with the already very efficient cold plate technology, this results in extremely low energy consumption – the lowest on the market.

We were presented with this prize at the VSK fair in Utrecht on Friday 9 February because through the introduction of this innovation we have made a significant contribution to furthering the sustainability of refrigeration technology.