Smeva at Intermarché Auzances in France

Together with our local French partner, shop designer Auvergne Materiels Pro (AMP) in Gerzat, a beautiful project was recently completed at Intermarché supermarkets. This is the first Intermarché in France that has chosen Smeva serve-over display cases.

The customer had read a news item from Smeva about a renowned butcher in Clermont Ferrand who had become a Smeva customer. This led the owner to pay a visit to the butcher’s shop, where he became convinced of the advantages that Smeva can offer him.

The aspects of greatest importance to him are:

The low dehydration percentage. The customer’s existing serve-over was a forced cooling unit with a dehydration rate of 5%, while the figure for the Smeva unit is less than 1%. This represents huge savings on an annual basis.
The excellent build quality and high-quality materials.
The use of a night cover, so products can remain in the display case overnight. This saves time and money.
The simple cleaning, and the fully enclosed base made possible through use of contact cooling and no fans under the presentation platform.
This supermarket has two large serve-over display cases for butchery, delicatessen/cold cuts and cheese. The customer chose the Greenline flat glass upper unit, featuring a raised display area that is traditional in this region. The 13-metre-long counter for cheese and cold cuts/delicatessen has two rondos, complete with humidification and night cover. The 6-metre-long counter is equipped with one rondo and humidification.

We thank AMP and Intermarché for the trust they have placed in Smeva and look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.