Opening new Aqui-É supermarket in Galicia, Spain!

Aqui-É presents themselves as being “a different supermarket” and a “physiological” shop where everything makes sense. They combine innovation, technology, knowledge, design, good atmosphere and surprising options to make shopping easier, all elements that are in line with Smeva’s philosophy.

Their big contribution is solving the eternal question “what can I make for dinner today”? They offer a different meal every day that guarantees a healthy and balanced diet, made with products that preserve the taste, texture and aromas, and properties of the most beautifully presented traditional cuisine.

Nutritionist experts from the university of Vigo and prestigious Galician chefs work on these meals every day. The meals are scientifically tested for a correct and varied diet, comparable in culinary terms with the results of home cooking and extremely quick to prepare.

Customers can, in addition to knowing the nutritional table of each meal, buy the meal to heat it up, buy the recipe on a touch screen, or get the ingredients to make it on their own.