New: ‘Ultra Fresh to Go’

Smeva has extended its range with the ‘Ultra Fresh to Go’. This unique duo-unit allows you to promote freshly-prepared meals even better by bringing you closer to the consumer.

‘Ultra Fresh to Go’ specifications:

– display counter (1 level), 900 mm in depth;
– cooled worktop for food containers (325x176x65 mm) or;
– sushi plate (1.035x302x19 mm).

Of course, this special Fjorda delivers the same excellent cooling performance that you’re used to from Smeva.

Promoting freshly-prepared meals

With its ‘Ultra Fresh to Go’, Smeva is responding to the current ‘ultra-fresh & convenient’ supermarket trend. The integrated, cooled worktop display ensures that your store personnel can prepare food on the spot, while getting closer to the consumer, allowing them to better promote and customise meals.

The Duo-unit can be used anywhere: for sushi, pizza, cakes or sandwiches, the opportunities are endless.

The ultimate, fresh-food experience

Creating the ultimate, fresh-food experience is what Smeva stands for, time and again. The ‘Ultra Fresh to Go’ is, yet again, proof of this. Once more, our engineers have designed a wonderful unit which gives more focus to freshly-prepared meals.

Interested in this unit? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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