Module 30 freezers and cold storage Laurentius Hospital

The new Laurentius Hospital building in Roermond, in the southern Dutch province of Limburg, is currently under construction. Work began in May 2014 and is expected to be completed in 2017.
The new hospital distinguishes itself as a well-designed and clearly-laid-out, medium-sized hospital (approx. 40,0000 m2). Patients will be able to find their way around the building easily, while its efficient layout enables the professionals to do their job in the most effective way possible. On completion of the construction process, the Laurentius Hospital will have a premises that perfectly exemplifies its vision: being close to the patient.
Smeva’s Module 30 panels were chosen to make up the hospital’s extensive complex of freezers and cold storage. The decision to go with this cold storage solution was based on its flexibility and the advice Smeva was able to provide as to solutions for building around support columns, recessed floors, foamed reinforcements (for example to attach fire reels), fire resistance in accordance with the DIN 4102 standard, custom-made ceiling suspension etc.
In total, Smeva supplied a combination unit with a total volume of approx. ca. 285m3 (90m3 of freezer storage and 195m3 of cold storage), a cold room with a total volume of 430 m3 consisting of 2 separate spaces, and a smaller, separate container for waste (volume: 22m3). The refrigeration complex is equipped with various features, including 8 electronically operated sliding doors.