Kotlet Shop in Sofia, Bulgaria opens its doors

This spring saw the grand opening of the Kotlet Shop ( in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Kotlet Shop is a modern butchery where small town friendliness meets big city lifestyle. They offer an original, unique combination of fresh, high quality meat products that clearly establishes them as a world class butcher’s shop. The Kotlet Shop also welcomes dining guests who wish to enjoy top-notch culinary dishes. Moreover, most of the meat comes from their own farms ( and is delivered daily for further processing right in the shop. With all they do, the Kotlet Shop demonstrates a professional, traditional approach to preparing meat in the broadest sense of the word.

Their commitment to quality, good service and dependability is evident in all they do, so it is no surprise that they chose the eye catching Smeva Vision Panorama display case for presentation of the fresh-daily meat, placed beside the beautiful open kitchen where the culinary meals are prepared. In addition to the Panorama display case, Smeva was also asked to deliver two Performer-type display cases for the wall presentation.

The Kotlet Shop’s approach has already proved to be a huge success, and the management have announced their ambitious plans to considerably expand the concept in the near future.