Euroshop 2014, efficiency counts!

Euroshop 2014 has passed. A great platform to show the world our new products. We received enquiries from 48 different nationalities and are very happy with the positive reactions on our new Vision Mark 2, the most energy efficiënt serve-over cabinet in the world! Friend and foe were surprised just how efficient the cabinet uses its energy. The Vision Mark 2 will be available from September 2014.

Not only the Vision Mark 2 is new, also our new brochure. This time we have decided not to show only products, but to let our customers speak. Our customers are the primary source of inspiration for our products, so what do they think about Smeva and the products we make? Given the fact that nearly our entire customer base visited our stand at Euroshop and were very enthousiastic about the latest developments, we think we are definately on the right path! The bottom line is that Euroshop 2014 is a great succes!

Thanks to all our customers visiting the stand.