Easier access into the counter with integrated scale-/cash register system

After the introduction at the IFFA exhibition in Frankfurt earlier this year the first project with a number of integrated scale and cash register systems have been supplied. This Bizerba solution fits perfectly with the practical , high-quality applications that you expect from Smeva . The scale plate is integrated in such a manner that the workbench remains an equal continuous surface which results in numerous advantages . Firstly, the scale platform is combined with monitors which are no longer fixed to the workbench, but on the presentation surface or on the support structure of the glass. Employees have free access over the whole length of the counter. Secondly, the hygienic aspect. Because of the full integration of the system there are no holes or cracks where residues can cling . So not only easier access for employees but also easy to maintain. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the possibilities.