Development special Vision counter

Smeva developed a special Vision counter which is a semi vertical self service counter. Available with or without interior angles and classified as 3M0.

The challenge one of our customers gave us was to develop a counter for cheese with 2 angles to temperature classification 0M0 (20°C, 50% relative humidity and product temperatures 0 – 4°C) without glass doors. After the approval of the specification Smeva started building a prototype which was tested in 1 of our state of the art test rooms.

The outcome surpassed our expectations as the test was successfully passed as 3M0 (25°C, 60% relative humidity, product temperature 0 – 4°C). This means, besides cheese, this type of counter can be used for meat and fish departments as well.

Interested, do not hesitate to contact your Smeva representative for further information!