Dedicated to freshness, dedicated to Grand Frais!

Smeva is known for its ability to design and build according to customers requirements. When we were invited at the end of 2013 to develop solutions for self service counters to very strict temperature standards (0 – 2°C) by one of the partners of Grand Frais we could not imagine how it would turn out. Counters were developed for fish (model Glacier), cheese and fruit departments (model Market), in close cooperation with and exclusively for this potential new client.

Now, in 2017, Grand Frais is one of our biggest clients and Smeva is the preferred supplier for the fruit & vegetable, cheese and fish departments in every Grand Frais store. We are very proud to have been able to meet the demands of this very successful store concept. Recently, this company was chosen #2 in the ranking of most favorite brands by the French (# 1 is non food brand Amazon).

In three years time, all 150 stores were re-equipped with the counters we developed and we were able to prove our strength in overall performance as well.

Grand Frais has 170 shops today in France and Belgium and is rapidly growing thanks to the concepts they have developed throughout the years. Grand Frais’ slogan ‘the best Market’ is based on the atmosphere and configuration of traditional market halls and covered markets. They bring together five professions under one roof: a greengrocer, a grocer with local and exotic products, a Deli-Butcher, a Cheesemonger and a Fishmonger. Grand Frais is appreciation of good products at the best prices and the pleasure of shopping in a transparent human sized store, in which you will be welcomed and advised by true professionals.