Boon’s Markt in Kerkdriel (NL)

Smeva, in collaboration with its regular partner Carrier, has once again set up a branch of Boon’s Markt. This time it was the Boon’s Markt in Kerkdriel. The first delivery was various pieces of equipment for cheese and meat, delivered with a wood look. Smeva has now taken the new store formula to an even higher level with, among other things, custom-made pizza equipment.

Freshness guaranteed

The newest store formula focuses on the tastiest and freshest products possible. The excellent refrigeration performance of the Smeva (self-)service counters is an important contributing factor to this. The foods are refrigerated optimally so they stay fresh longer. And pizzas are also prepared fresh on the spot with the Fresh2Go. A truly fresh experience for the consumer.

Encourage more impulse purchases

Smeva has also developed a customised meat department (self-) service counter: a Vision MK ll installation with an integrated warming display case (Ubert) and cash register system. This means this department can operate independently within the supermarket.
What makes the three separate products unique is that they are connected to each other by the wooden plating to make one unit. Pure craftsmanship!

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