Another Irish quality butcher chooses Smeva!

Throughout the years Smeva conquered a very strong position within the butcher’s market in Ireland due to the proven fact that Smeva’s  EuroSafe refrigeration system guarantees ideal product temperatures combined with extremely low dehydration levels.

In the long row of Irish “Smeva” butchers, also Mick Doyle Butchers decided to equip its shop with Smeva Cabinets. Mick Doyle Butchers is a family-owned company which has been sourcing and distributing the finest quality organic meats in Dublin and surrounding counties since 1958.

The equipment they chose for their shop consists of a 4 meter Vision Greenline serve-over counter for their fresh meat display, a Fjorda 5-level self-service counter and 2 self-service Market decks for their pre-packed products.

Herewith Mick Doyle Butchers proves that they make no concessions about the quality, the presentation and de profitability of their products!