Cost Cutting? Smart Refrigeration!

Supermarket refrigeration is all about guaranteeing the quality of fresh and deep-freeze products at the lowest possible cost. This is precisely what Smeva does! Refrigeration units have been specially designed for extreme durability and optimal storage conditions. Quite often, our units can be reused two or three times as part corporate identity changes, formula changes or renovations.

Optimal Presentation

Smeva does not cut any corners in terms of technology. Our refrigeration solutions are virtually indestructible. This is why the aesthetic appearance of our products is so special. Our engineers incorporate the exact right look & feel into your serve-over and self-service units that matches your supermarket’s design concept. Everything is possible!

Sustainable Partner

If you are looking for a partner to improve sustainable business practices, then Smeva can make your refrigeration solutions as environmentally friendly as you want. Virtually all our units are standardly fitted with energy-efficient fans, but we like to take matters even further, e.g. LED lighting and natural refrigerants. Together we can create a balance between ambition and affordability.