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Refrigerated workbench

The refrigerated understorage or refrigerated workbench is a very practical cooling that offers you a lot of extra storage space. It is assembled modularly in two heights and can therefore be used flexibly in any store setting. With this practical refrigerated workbench, Smeva helps you to present and store as many fresh products per m2 possible.

Suitable for:


  • Modular assembly in 2 heights

  • Available up to a maximum of 6 doors

  • Create plenty of storage space for fresh produce in your shop

  • Various design options

  • Practical compartments

Smart and attractive cooling

Smeva helps you to present and store as many fresh products per m2 possible. The refrigerated understorage can be put together in various lengths and heights, materials and colors, so that the cooling can be properly visible on every shop floor. With a chilled buffet you also enhance the traditional look of your specialty store or fresh produce department. Moreover, the chilled buffet is available with large drawers that allow you to efficiently store your fresh produce.

Cooling system: standardised for natural refrigerants

Smeva operates sustainably and has extensive experience of natural refrigerants. The refrigerated workbench is standardised for C02 and equipped with C02-suitable evaporators.

Does your current cooling installation run on a synthetic refrigerant (HFC), but are you considering switching over to a natural refrigerant? Smeva has already taken this into account in the cooling technology in the refrigerated display cabinet (CO2 ready).


Cooled base cabinet or cooling workbench

Product temperature:

(3M1) 25  ̊C - 60% RH -1 ↓ T ↑ +5  ̊C

Humidification temperature:

-10°C (at ambient temperature of 20°C)

Cooling capacity:

275 W/m


1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 2500 / 3000 mm

Furniture sizes:

Low model (3 compartiments): externally (per module) 707x725x500 mm (hxbxl)

High model (4 compartiments): externally (per module) 867x725x500 mm (hxbxl)


Wood with plastic resin plate / stainless steel

Nominal voltage:

230 V, 50 Hz

Temperature setting:

Carel / Danfoss (variations on request)

Cooling technology:

Dynamic cooling




R744/R448a/R449a/R134a (other refrigerants possible on request)


Stainless steel

Crates and drawer runners


Stainless steel anti fingerprint (optional PVC in RAL-colour)

On adjustable feet

Download the official Smeva refrigerated workbench manual here.

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