High insulation value

Smeva freezer room

Smeva freezer rooms offer an extremely high insulation value thanks to the solid doors that close perfectly. The freezer rooms are of superior build quality, developed for intensive daily use, affordable for implementation in any desired configuration and can be delivered quickly from our own factory.

Suitable for:


  • Affordable for implementation in any desired configuration

  • Fast delivery time: fully produced in our own factory

  • Extensive range of freezer room doors and door accessories

  • Impact-resistant outer corners made from one piece

  • Solid and robust hinges and locks

  • Extensive options and accessories

  • Energy-efficient

  • Available in various materials and any desired RAL color

Freezer rooms for catering, supermarkets or medical applications

Smeva not only produces modular cold and freezer rooms for the food industry. Thanks to the HACCP certification, our storage rooms are also extremely suitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

Bake-off freezer room

  • Suitable for the storage of bake-off products (including bread), pastry and semi-finished products

  • Ideal for bakeries, pastry shops, bread departments of supermarkets and catering kitchens with a bakery department

Levelling foot construction

  • The architectural subfloor does not have to be levelled

  • Cold room is quickly level; save time and money during installation

  • Easy to adjust

  • Also ensures good ventilation and venting

Standard with self-closing door

  • Cold room doors are fitted with a door closer, type Dictator

  • Door is cushioned and closes quickly and securely

  • Developed for intensive daily use

Modular assembled freezer room

Smeva has been manufacturing and developing custom cold and freezer rooms for 100 years. From small rooms and combi rooms to large spaces for storage, processing and packaging. The starting point is a standard storage room, made up of standard panels. We build your solution based on that solid base, with all the required options and specifications. An oblique room, a combi room or a room complex, they can all be built modularly. Customisation is therefore possible across the entire line.

Install freezer room quick and easy

All parts of your Smeva cold and freezer room are supplied plug-and-play. This makes installation easy. Thanks to the quick-closing system, the pre-assembled door front, the adjustable foot construction, and the supplied assembly plan, the storage room can be quickly assembled on site.

Freezer room can be compiled entirely to your wishes

We can make the standard cold room with a wide variety of doors and windows in any desired place. In addition, we offer countless features that are typical Smeva, such as a folding and adjustable ramp, an automatic door closer, or a heated scrub pit that prevents waste water freezing. All our cold and freeser rooms are prepared to be combined with interior construction, such as tailoring tailor-made solutions, recesses and other design options.

Panel thickness:



Temperature range:

98 mm

4,477 m² K/W

0,201 W/m²K

-20 tot +60  ̊C

138 mm

6,217 m² K/W

0,143 W/m²K

-35 tot +60  ̊C

Type of storage room:

Panel thickness(es):

Storage space for freshly prepared foods

78 mm, 98 mm, 138 mm

Cold room for food processing

78 mm, 98 mm, 138 mm

Freezer rooms for the storage of frozen foods

98 mm, 138 mm

Storage space for medicines and laboratory facilities

78 mm, 98 mm, 138 mm

Product cooler for pre-packaged food, dairy, soft drinks in supermarkets, catering, gas stations, etc.

78 mm, 98 mm, 138 mm


Smeva freezer room


Outer plate, galvanised steel with polyester coating. Insulation core made of polyurethane foam. Inner plate, galvanised steel with polyester coating. Modular construction.

Steel plate:

Sendzimir galvanised steel sheet of 0.5 or 0.63 mm, SG 8000 kg/m³.  Quality sheet steel S250 GD Z100, pursuant to EN 10147/EN 10143-93. Visible side (A-side) with 25 µm Pladur@ 2-layer polyester coating in colour RAL 9010 pure white (20 µm polyester lacquer and 5 µm polyester primer) 120 µm protective film (vacuum applied, film adhesion 150-300G). Backside (B-side) with a single layer of polyester protective lacquer, suitable for PU foaming, thickness 7 µm, in colour RAL 9002 grey white.

Module size:

299 mm

Insulation thicknesses:

78 mm, 98 mm and 138 mm

Panel width:

1,196 mm

Panel height:

From 1,794 mm tot 3,289 mm

Locking system:

Foamed panel couplings with a self-centring tightening mechanism.

Floor panels:

Multiplex (12 mm), class 3 pursuant to EN 314-1 and 314-2, with a HEXA top layer (Taber value > 550) of anti-slip stainless steel.

Floor construction:

On plastic beams (20 x 57 mm) every 500 mm. Alternatively the patented adjustable foot construction (adjustable range of 45 mm, with a 450-kg load capacity per adjustable foot).

Corner profiles:

One-piece foam, aluminium finishing profile on the outside.

Global Warming Potential:

GWP < 0.1

Lambda value:

0.023 W/mK, pursuant to EN 12667


41 kg/m3 ±3 kg/m3

Fire properties:

B-s2-d0 for fire retardant panel, pursuant to

NEN-EN 13501-1.

Compressive strength:

> 200 Kpa pursuant to EN 826

Water absorption:

< 2 Vol % pursuant to EN 12087

Closed room content:

>90% pursuant to ISO 459


Outer plate, galvanised steel with polyester coating. Insulation core made of polyurethane foam. Inner plate, galvanised steel with polyester coating. Modular construction.

The floor panels consist of a birch plywood floor plate with a HEXA top layer that has a pressed-in anti-slip window profile in olive brown. The phenol coating offers resistance to extreme weather conditions, micro-organisms, cold and hot water, steam and hot and cold temperatures. It also has a high wear resistance (Taber value > 550).

Floor load 78 / 98 / 138 mm

Waterproof plywood, top layer HEXA

Anti-slip stainless steel, top layer CARRÉ

Max permissible load for
distributed weight (10 m²)

2000 kg

2500 kg

Max permissible load per wheel
(hard wheel > 1 cm²)

50 kg

65 kg

Max permissible load per wheel

(rubber wheel > 4 cm²)

200 kg

250 kg

Max permissible point load (10 cm²)

250 kg

315 kg

Max permissible pallet truck load

500 kg

625 kg

Antislip value



Smeva freezer rooms are supplied with solid doors that close perfectly and therefore have high insulation value. Doors are flat with no protruding parts such as a door opener or hinges.The sheet material of the pre-assembled door/front combination is made from the same material as the panel walls. And all doors are standard equipped with a magnetic door seal and dictator that automatically closes the door. Smeva has an extensive range of door accessories, ask our sales department about these.

Our product range includes:

  • Hinged doors

  • Double revolving doors

  • Hatches

  • Sliding doors (optionally electrically operated)

  • Swing doors

Delivered as standard in RAL 9010, but various types of material and RAL colours are also possible for the doors.

More information? Download our cold and freezer rooms brochure here.

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