Wall refrigeration to suit any store design

Fjorda: Self-service counter

Offering 180 variants in different depths, heights and other options, the Fjorda semi-vertical refrigerated display case suits any store concept and shop layout. Suitable for just about any type of produce. Always attractively presented, and guaranteed fresh at the perfect temperature all day long.

Suitable for:


  • 180 variations of wall refrigeration (heights, depths, etc.)

  • Diverse options for the presentation of pre-packed goods

  • Supplied in different materials & colours, always of high quality

  • Flexible deployment

  • Cooling technology based on forced air

  • Standardised for natural refrigerants

  • LED lighting in the deck, underneath the shelves and at the plinth (optional)

  • Night cover (optional)

  • Decorative front (optional)

Stimulate impulse purchases with a self-service glass cabinet

This wall refrigeration is perfect as a semi-vertical self-service cabinet for food retailers, such as supermarkets, butchers, fishmongers and fresh-goods markets. Thanks to its new design the look of the refrigerated display cabinet is beautifully aligned with the Smeva Vision MKII serve-over counter. The Fjorda adds the finishing touch to your shop. Beside the traditional serve-over counter, the Fjorda self-service glass cabinet encourages impulse purchases of pre-packed goods.

Extra high wall refrigeration

  • Several presentation levels possible: up to 4 shelves

  • Wall refrigeration with content

  • Our Special Edition Fjorda Deli2Go even has a minimum height of 1889 mm!

Glass shelf

  • Spacious feeling

  • Premium appearance

  • Better view of fresh goods

  • Less shadows

Energy-saving night cover

  • Simple measure with a short payback time

  • Avoid heat exchange between warm shop climate and cold interior climate

180 variants of semi-vertical refriferated display available

Offering 180 variants in different depths, heights and other options, the Fjorda suits any store concept and shop layout. The cabinet can be designed to suit you in various materials and colours, and is always of the highest quality. In addition to the standard designs delivered directly from straight from the factory, Smeva can also carry out any further desired customisation on a project basis:

  • Model display back-to-back

  • Casco chilled display as part of customised interior redesign

  • Refrigerated display cabinet prepared for tiling

  • Refrigerated display cabinet with humidification

  • Connections with other chilled cabinets

Cooling system: standardised for natural refrigerants

Smeva operates sustainably and has extensive experience of natural refrigerants. The Fjorda is available as a plug-in or remote version. Plug-in wall refrigeration typically uses the natural refrigerant Propane (R290). The remote version is standardised for C02 and equipped with C02-suitable evaporators.

Does your current cooling installation still run on a synthetic refrigerant (HFC), but are you considering switching over to a natural refrigerant? Smeva has already taken this into account in the cooling technology in the refrigerated display cabinet (CO2 ready).


Fjorda, semi-vertical refrigerated cabinet

Product temperature:

(3M1) 25°C – 60% RH  -1 < T > +5°C

Humidification temperature:

-10 °C (at ambient temperature of 20 °C)

Cooling capacity:

800 - 1250 W/m


1250 / 1875/ 2500 / 3125 / 3750 mm


Minimum 880 mm to maximum 1850 mm

Shelf presentation depth:

300 / 400 / 450 / 500 mm

Presentation depth base display platform:

620 / 770 / 900 mm

Inclination angle base display platform:



Front window 140 mm


300 mm R-deck / 470 mm XR-deck


Standard / Flush (aligned with front)

Nominal voltage:

230 V, 50 Hz

Temperature controllers:

Carel / Danfoss (variations on request)


LED lighting in the deck and/or under every shelf (optional)

Cooling technology:

Dynamic cooling


Remote / Plug-in


Remote: R744 / R448a / R449a / R134a (other refrigerants possible on request)
Plug-in: R290


RAL colour
Powder-coated RAL colour / stainless steel / glass
Base display platform:
Powder-coated RAL colour / stainless steel


Closed substructure in RAL colour
Various options for bumper rails

Energy label F-Fjorda-Smeva

Interested in other variations?

Download our Fjorda assembly information.

Download the official Fjorda user manual here.

More information? Download the Fjorda configuration brochure here.

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