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Smeva fish display counters have been popular with fishmongers for (over) 100 years. Made entirely of stainless steel, guaranteed temperature stability, almost no dehydration, innovative design and flexible arrangement. A high-quality refrigerated display case which fishmongers can truly rely on.

Save 140,000 kilos of flake ice
per year

Tailored advice
Smeva takes care of everything when it comes to refrigeration technology. We provide a complete range of services to relieve you of all the worries relating to refrigerated fish display counters and cold rooms, from production and installation right through to maintenance. The focus lies on keeping fish (specialities) wonderfully fresh and cool and the attractive presentation of fresh fish on ice with revenue-building display cases.

Only the sea is better

Range of fishmonger’s chiller display counters and cold rooms

Here is a summary of our refrigerated display counters, cold and freezer rooms for fishmongers. Are you looking for assistance or a specific refrigeration solution? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.


Display case for premium presentation of your selection of fish and seafood on ice.

  • Display platform with an inclination of 16 ̊

  • Coldplate cooling technology: static cooling, with no ventilation

  • Slush system; defrost and easy to clean

  • Hygienic, no seams and with integrated drain

  • Available as a serve-over unit and self-service unit

Suitable for:

Vision MKll

Thanks to this award-winning butcher’s serve over your customers will be tempted to buy even more.

  • Modular assembly

  • Infinite customisation opportunities

  • Extremely low energy consumption

  • Achieve the lowest measured dehydration of only 0.55% in 24 hours (TÜV and TNO certified)

  • Extend your economic shopping time and save 1 hour of cleaning per day

Suitable for:

Carefree refrigeration and freezing

Service after sales

Our efforts do not stop once a refrigerated cabinet has been delivered. Do you need a spare part or are you experiencing problems? The Smeva Service After Sales is there to help! All cabinet components are in stock, so we can help you quickly and efficiently.

The specialist in refrigeration technology

Expert installation

We aim to take all the weight off your shoulders. You can therefore count on certified Smeva dealers for professional installation of refrigerated cabinets to your current refrigerated installation. Of course, with broad experience of natural refrigerants.