Klasseslager Dirk

Klasseslager Dirk, Lommel

Smeva proudly presents the new Vision Mark II serve over. Following a four-year development programme for the Vision Mark II, Smeva has left all competitors behind in the areas of energy efficiency, ergonomics, hygiene and lowest dehydration of fresh products.

Greater profitability through fresh experience

Fresh experience, that is what it’s all about! This begins with a product that look fresh: not dried out, with an attractive colour and tasteful presentation. It’s the secret to how the Vision Mark II entices your customers to purchase more. Unmistakably fresh products, minimal obstructions to the customers’ view and endless possibilities for personalization of your display case guarantee growth of turnover.

More advantages

Your investment in the Vision Mark II pays off in other ways than just the attractive presentation of your fresh products. There are more reasons the Mark II boosts your bottom line, four of which are:

Perfect ergonomics

Sloped back side provides optimum support and extra reach in the display case. With the flat glass construction the horizontal glass plateau is 395 mm to as much as 479 mm, so the serving personnel do not have to reach so far.

Easy to clean

The presentation plateau and discharge grilles are all you have to clean! No removable plates, evaporators or fans that need to be cleaned time and time again.

Practically no dehydration

With a TÜV-certified dehydration of just 0.55% in 24 hours, the Vision Mark II has the lowest measured fresh product dehydration of any serve-over display case. Your products have no significant weight loss and retain their fresh, appetizing appearance longer.

Lowest energy consumption available

We have put tremendous effort into optimizing the evaporator and cold plate so the display case can run in your shop at a suction side temperature of -6 °C.  Along with the already highly efficient cold plate technology, this results in extremely low energy consumption.