Corporate Social Responsibility

Total Life Cycle Management

Smeva has total control over the entire life cycle of its refrigeration and freezer solutions. As a total partner, we design, manufacture and maintain our own products in-house. But we take matters a step further by taking full responsibility for disposing of old products.


The most sustainable form of Total Life Cycle Management involves manufacturing longer-lasting, reliable products. Smeva’s refrigeration and freezer solutions are virtually indestructible and last decades if properly maintained. Moreover, Smeva has established a special-purpose business unit that focuses on overhauling and refurbishing used refrigerated counters and freezer units – Smeva Refresh.

Temporary Reuse of Used Refrigeration Units

Smeva Refresh can help with the disposal, upgrade and temporary reuse of second-hand refrigerated counters, e.g. after a fire. Used coldrooms can be used in temporary retail accommodation. The store then has all the required refrigeration facilities while waiting for new equipment to arrive.

Custom Service

When renovating specialist stores or supermarkets, we can temporarily store refrigerated counters and freezer systems until we hear from the customer whether we should refurbish the equipment in the store’s new style or dispose of them in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Cosmetic and Technical Upgrades

Smeva Refresh gives used Smeva counters, refrigeration systems and storage rooms a second life by upgrading them to meet the latest standards, e.g. inspecting circuitry, fans and thermostats, as well as replacing lids, doors, etc. We can upgrade refrigeration and freezer solutions both cosmetically and technically. An environmental check-up is also possible, which involves installing energy-efficient fans.

This can be done on behalf of the current owner or for our own purposes and resale.