The money-making serve-over.
With Smeva's Vision, all sorts of fresh products like meat, deli,cheese and fish,can be displayed under the best possible conditions. Smeva's EuroSafe refrigeration system guarantees ideal product temperatures combined with extremely low dehydration levels – only 0.73% per day! The patented WeightSaver humidification system keeps your products juicy fresh and tender.

The Easiest Way to Save Valuable Time.
The cold plate makes cleaning particularly simple, saving staff valuable time and extends your store's sales times. Vision's convenience is particularly refreshing as is its rapid return on investment.

Example of Vision savings.
A 7 meter Vision counter saves € 12,775 per year compared to a conventional counter.

You’re interested in a detailed calculation of a refrigerated food display? Please don’t hesitate to contact Smeva.

Extra sales
It is  not possible for us to calculate your extra sales and profit generated with a Vision refrigerated food display but we are convinced that they will be there. As many retailers with a Vision refrigerated food display have experienced.

With the Smeva Vision refrigerated food display you are not restricted to standard modules and looks.
We will design the Vision Refrigerated Fresh Food Display Counter to your store design.
And or advice you on all possibilities, based on our world wide experience and best shown practices.
See the pictures for inspiration.

The Vision refrigerated food display is available in various models in any corner or in any length.

With proper maintenance your Smeva refrigerated food display will be in your shop for a long time.

Example : A Smeva refrigerated food display  37 years in a Belgium store.


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