Best pâté of the region

Smeva has installed a beautiful Vision MKII display case and a Performer wall unit for Slagerij Nautilus in Diksmuide, Belgium, on the Flemish coast. The butcher's shop had a very high opinion of Smeva from past experience and therefore wanted yet another ‘Smeva’.

In cooperation with our local refrigeration partner Syvaco, a display case with the latest technology was installed, featuring air humidification and a beautiful black interior. This puts the butcher's products in the best possible light. The owners, Steven and Annelies, say they are very happy with the extremely low dehydration, combined with the humidification, which keeps the products fresher longer, and the night cover means they no longer have to empty the display case every night.

This butcher shop's farmer's pâté, which was voted best pâté of the region, certainly deserves the very best display case!

We wish Steven and Annelies of Slagerij Nautilus continued success with their business.

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