Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is mainly about how you do things

The Smeva Group started out as a family-run business and this can be felt in the form of, among other things, the highly committed management and the long-term thinking. Corporate social responsibility is ingrained into our entire organisation in a very natural fashion. We are happy to give you some examples of sustainable processes and initiatives, divided into the categories People, Planet and Profit.

Although refrigeration is our business, we, as the Smeva Group, have a warm affection for our people.

The first requirement for a pleasant workplace is that it should be a safe workplace. We have a strict policy with regard to in-house emergency services, working conditions and safety, and we take risk analysis very seriously. This structural attention is reflected in our accident statistics, which are among the lowest in the sector.

It goes without saying that we have all the necessary ISO, SCC, PED and F gas certification.

Employment Terms Package
The Smeva Group’s fringe benefits for employees offer a lot of room for individual choice, benefiting people and the environment: a bicycle plan, a favorable arrangement for electric cars and scooters, and even the possibility to get ‘green’ electricity from Smeva.

Work/Leisure Balance
As a family-run business, we know just how important it is to have a life outside of work. At Smeva, we work flexible hours and permit modified work schedules.

We accept our responsibility for the world around us in many ways, large and small.

Formic Acid for the Environment
As soon as an innovation is found which is so good that it does not detract from refrigeration quality, Smeva is the first to make use of it. For example, we currently use foam expanded using formic acid. With a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of less than 0.1, this is a much more eco-friendly solution than traditional foam expansion agents.

Waste Management
82% of our waste is recycled, and the percentage is still increasing year by year.

Total Life Cycle Management
Smeva has total control over the entire life cycle of its refrigeration and freezer solutions. As a total partner, we design, manufacture and maintain our own products in-house. But we take matters a step further by taking full responsibility for disposing of old products.

- Sustainability
The most sustainable form of Total Life Cycle Management involves manufacturing longer-lasting, reliable products. Smeva's refrigeration and freezer solutions are virtually indestructible and last decades if properly maintained. Moreover, Smeva has established a special-purpose business unit that focuses on overhauling and refurbishing used refrigerated counters and freezer units – Smeva Refresh.

- Temporary Reuse of Used Refrigeration Units
Smeva Refresh can help with the disposal, upgrade and temporary reuse of second-hand refrigerated counters, e.g. after a fire. Used coldrooms can be used in temporary retail accommodation. The store then has all the required refrigeration facilities while waiting for new equipment to arrive.

- Custom Service
When renovating specialist stores or supermarkets, we can temporarily store refrigerated counters and freezer systems until we hear from the customer whether we should refurbish the equipment in the store's new style or dispose of them in an environmentally friendly fashion.

- Cosmetic and Technical Upgrades
Smeva Refresh gives used Smeva counters, refrigeration systems and storage rooms a second life by upgrading them to meet the latest standards, e.g. inspecting circuitry, fans and thermostats, as well as replacing lids, doors, etc. We can upgrade refrigeration and freezer solutions both cosmetically and technically. An environmental check-up is also possible, which involves installing energy-efficient fans.

This can be done on behalf of the current owner or for our own purposes and resale.

Sustainable Use of Energy
In our factories we use ‘green’ electricity and we actively promote energy awareness among our employees. Machinery is switched off outside of working hours and the toilets have automatic light switches.

In cooperation with Wecycle (formerly the NVMP Foundation), we take in equipment that is ready to be plugged in without any charge. Read more at

We are a commercial company, of course, but we are emphatic in our attention to socially responsible returns. In due consultation with all stakeholders, from local authorities to trade unions and people living around our factories, we make our contribution to quality of life in our immediate surroundings.

We continually create training places and internships, and regularly welcome parties of students from secondary technical schools for tours.

We support GO, the main training centre for the refrigeration sector. This establishment works throughout the Netherlands to overcome the shortage of qualified personnel in the field of refrigeration technology. Read more at

Regional Fire Brigade
Smeva makes its facilities at Valkenswaard available to the regional fire brigade for training exercises.

Upcoming Markets
Via NL EVD International (part of Agentschap NL), we have contributed to the development of two companies in China and Russia.